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About Us

Echo Hill Country Store was founded in 1981 by Luke Weaver. He had been operating a stove shop at the locality for a number of years prior and decided to diversify, wanting a business that would provide work for his growing family.

At first Echo Hill Country Store was primarily a bulk food store with mainly basic cooking and baking items, deli, cheese, and dried fruits and nuts. Although bulk food continues be a main focal point in the business, our product line has grown to include many specialty food products, natural and organic, gluten free items, and more.

Throughout the years we have been a family-run business, with second and third generation involvement. Luke Weaver is still the owner today, with most of the management now transferred to his sons, Dana and Ornan. Our goal is to provide quality products, good customer service, and unique product sourcing, at cost-conscious pricing as much as possible.