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Bulk Packaged Products

This searchable list is not comprehensive and is subject to change. It only includes the items we sell bulk packaged and does not include the hundreds of pre-packaged items we also stock.


Ascorbic Acid Crystals
Bee's Wax, Granules, Yellow
Canning Jar Lids & Bands, Regular Mouth
Canning Jar Lids, Regular
Canning Jar Lids, Wide Mouth
Chow Chow, Home Made, Pints
Chow-Chow, 32oz
Clothespins, Weathered Grey, Made in USA
Diatomaceous Earth, Food Grade
Dish Cloths
Four Bean Salad, 32oz
Four Bean Salad, Home Canned, Pints
Pastry, Apple Turnover
Pastry, Chocolate Croissant
Pastry, Cinnamon Sugar Snail Croissant
Pastry, Pear Puff
Pickles, Home Canned, Bread & Butter, Pints
Pickles, Home Canned, Bread& Butter, Quarts
Red Beets, Home Canned, Pints
Sweet Baby Red Beets, 32oz
Tortilla, Corn, Yellow, 6", Shelf Stable
Tortilla,Flour 4.5" Mission
Tortilla,Flour 8" Mission 24ct
Watercress, Local, Wild Harvested
Wax, Emulsifying Granules
Zinc Oxide (NON-Nano)