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Bulk Packaged Products

This searchable list is not comprehensive and is subject to change. It only includes the items we sell bulk packaged and does not include the hundreds of pre-packaged items we also stock.


Bagel Chips, Garlic
Bagel Chips, Seasoned Rye
Bars, Fig, Whole Wheat Strawberry
Bites, Organic, Blueberry Hemp Almond, GF
Bites, Paleo, Organic Walnut Hemp, GF
Chickpeas, Roasted & Salted
Chips, Plantain Chips
Chips, Salted Corn with Flax
Chunks of Energy, Org, Coconut Fig Superfood
Corn Sticks, BBQ
Crackers, Thin Wheat
Crisp Vegetable Chips
Green Bean Crisps
Green Peas, Roasted & Salted
Peas, Roasted, Wasabi
Potato Chips, Good's, No Salt
Potato Chips, Good's, Salted
Potato Chips, Zerbe's, BBQ
Potato Chips, Zerbe's, Dark
Potato Chips, Zerbe's, Sour Cream & Onion
Pretzels, Balls, Mini
Pretzels, Broken Wege
Pretzels, Honey Mustard Pieces
Pretzels, Keystone, Juniors
Pretzels, Martin's, Hearth w/salt
Pretzels, Martin's, Hearth, Low Salt
Pretzels, Martin's, Special, Low Salt
Pretzels, Martin's, Specials, Salted
Pretzels, Martin's, Whole Wheat w/o Surface Salt
Pretzels, Martin's, Whole Wheat, Salted
Pretzels, Martin's, Whole Wheat, Sesame Seeds
Pretzels, Micro-Mini
Pretzels, Nuggets, Peanut Butter Filled
Pretzels, Nuggets, Sourdough
Pretzels, Oat Bran, Salted
Pretzels, Rods, WHOLE
Pretzels, Sticks, Tom Sturgis
Preztels, Nuggets, Cheese Gems
Sesame Sticks, Roasted Pepper
Snack Mix, Golden Fruit 'N Nut Trail Mix
Snack Mix, Honey Mustard Lover's
Snack Mix, Nutty Crunch
Snack Mix, Wake Up Crunch
Snack Mix, Zesty Chickpea Medley
Sticks, Wild Rice
Wafer Cookies, Chocolate
Wafer Cookies, Neapolatin Flavors
Wafer Cookies, Strawberry
Wafer Cookies, Vanilla